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Edo 2020: The Political Genius Of Gov. Godwin Obaseki

Right_Fawaz 06/24/2020

As it had been since the transition to civilian government, Nigerian politicians shared a common belief, that, "if you do not finish your political enemy, if you give him a breather, he is likely to come for you with every strength he could muster, and with every weapon he could lay his hands on." And also, "when the fight gets dirtier, you could actually be fighting under the rule that there is no rule."

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The doctrine through time have not changed. Infact, it played a big role in shaping the political strife of Mr. Godwin Obaseki;the incumbent Edo state governor and an aspirant in the forth coming governorship election. Come September 2020.

The Governor who, ahead of the Edo state governorship election, have been the subject of national discourse for his rift with the suspended chairman of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Comr. Adam's OSHIOMOLE, recently dumped the ruling APC for the PDP, in a bid to water his blooming aspiration to rerun for the seat of the governor.This followed his disqualification by the electoral committee of the APC (for primaries).

Though many Nigerians described this struggle as an act tantamount to an avalanche to achieve his selfish interest and a means to feast on his erratic ego, it is important to applaud the political construction which he employed to advance his rerun.

Why? Because as highlighted above (when the fight gets dirtier, you could actually be fighting under the rule that there is no rule), it is the only resort which could be relied on if he is indeed interested in ensuring his political stability in the state. Politics as perceived beneath the tenet of democracy is a game of interests and of course, numbers. So if the cards had not played by him then it should be expected from his opponents.

It is important to note at the same time, for the purpose of readers comprehension, that he haven't violated any law in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (1999, as amended). And as such, his campaign asphalt is in the lane of legality and democracy--Not all that his moral his legal and not all that is legal is moral.

This political genius further corroborated, Is one that is rich in foresightedness and intelligent calculations. It dates back to his refusal to inaugurate some members of the state's house of assembly, who are regarded as Osiomole's loyalist, duly elected in the last gubernatorial election (2019).

This move, as marked by political pundits, is important as it is what would eventually be the checkmating piece of the Governor. As a proof, it helped Mr. Obaseki in keeping Osiomole's tentacles away from the state's power. Furthermore, it enabled Gov. Obaseki to gather ward power that'd birth the suspension of the national chairman, before he was disqualified from participating in the primaries.

In comparison and conclusion, Gov. Godwin Obaseki's ordeal could be related to that of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the predecessor of the sitting governor of Lagos state: Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu. However, what distinct the former from the latter was its ability to predict the future occurrence, analyse its turn out, and prepare against it. Indeed, it is a political genius.

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Top Comments
Ajibowu · 06/25/2020
Well, He is indeed a political genius but we can't ignore the fact that the way politics is been played in Edo state is quite different from that of Lagos state. We both know that don't we? 😁. But, kudos for this piece👏🏽✊
AjiboyeQudusOmotayo · 06/24/2020
he is not like Ambode. edo no be lagos.
GUEST_EYVpxglZV · 06/24/2020
well written.
BelloMohammedOlawale · 06/24/2020
governor Godwin Obaseki, the people's choice.

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