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Donald Trump Vows To Protect Statues Of Jesus and Lincoln From Being Knocked Down By Protesters

Aeshat 06/25/2020

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President Donald Trump offered no back up for claim that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus could be next to come under attack. Donald Trump has made another pronouncement with regard to the habit of protesters, to topple monuments and various important figures across US, this time he vows to protect statues of Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln.

Peaceful protest is something that is considered normal and legal, especially in countries like America, where human rights is highly protected. However, violent protests that involved damaging of structures, statues and worship places, are not welcome anywhere in the world. This type of protest lead to Imprisonment and violent clash between protesters and security men.

Currently in America, protests are ongoing, just of recent a crowd of people tried to topple the statue of former US president, near the White House, policemen intervened and many were arrested. President Trump took to social media and announced their sanctions. "Ten years in prison under the Veteran's Memorial preservation Act. Beware!" He warned.

Trump said that his administration and FBI were already cracking down on protesters who have damaged and destroyed statues, buildings and monuments, who he views as vandals.

“I think many of the people that are knocking down these statues don’t have any idea what the statue is, what it means, who it is, when they knock down [general and president Ulysses S.] Grant, when they wanna knock down Grant,” he said.

“But now they’re looking at Jesus Christ, they’re looking at George Washington, they’re looking at Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson – not gonna happen. Not gonna happen as long as I’m here.

“As far as Democrats are concerned, I think they could care less whether or not it happens. And I think the American people get it.”

The protest originates and Sparks by the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis. Since then multiple protest were carried out by vigilant Americans. Donald Trump reiterated that he plans to sign an executive order, that will issue harsher penalties for damaging public monuments.

When it comes to the issues of important figures, monuments, Statues and historic structures, Donald Trump can do anything, he can't allow these statues to be broken down by vandals, especially the statue of Jesus Christ.

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Top Comments
HilaryKamalu · 06/27/2020
Those vandals are agents of the democrats.Fake news cnn owned by the crazy democrats had never condemned them. Trump will always stand for The Amighty God.
Tony. · 06/26/2020
These protesters are going too extreme. Peaceful protests are welcomed, but when it involves damaging and destruction, it becomes vandalism, which is criminal act.
GUEST_YoxZP8zd6 · 06/26/2020
I wish trump could think like a poor man 4 once
GUEST_YoxZP8zd6 · 06/26/2020
Jesus is in the statues pls let them take it down Gud mindset towards Jesus

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