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Why Raila Odinga Happens To Be The Brainchild Of The Cover-Up Of His Personal Whereabouts

[email protected] 06/25/2020

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ODM Leader Raila Odinga in his tweets dated June 22,2022 at 1704 hours:

"The future is moving toward Africa but for us to accommodate the future and create opportunities, we will have to do more than exporting raw materials and venture into value addition and manufacturing. To do this we must have adequate power. The Inga Dam is the answer."

Another tweet in the same date tweeted at 0831 hours reads:

"Join us for the start of the virtual Pan African Conference on the Grand Inga Dam. The project aims to unlock the world's largest hydropower scheme and is part of the vision to develop a continental power system that is key to Africa’s manufacturing and value addition ambitions."

When you can get into Mr.Odinga mind then you can understand what was triggered his motive.

The reasons are as follows:

Raila Odinga is a very famous Political an a possible contender of the 2022 Presidential elections.He had to to separate his personal life from the National politics.

Supposing that he had a serious ailment and was forced to flew abroad for treatment then his supporters would be in shock and grief.He had to quell the agony would likely befall on his supporters.

Another reason is to pacify the tense political environment currently evident in the country.

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