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How Musalia Mudavadi Can be Made The President In Future

MargNewsKe 06/25/2020

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Musalia Mudavadi is the current politician who has served in government for many years than any other politicians who can compete with him in 2022.

Mudavadi worked with former presidents,Daniel Arap Moi as a minister of marketing supplies,finance and then transport and information.

He was a vice president before Moi retired and also deputy prime minister in Kibaki and Raila coalition government.

With alot of experience in Kenyan Politics, Musalia have been struggling to control the western region since he has not yet qualified to be called the Luhya kingpin since the region is shared by other parties like ODM and Jubilee.

When we reffer back to seven years ago, Uhuru Kenyatta Mobilized The Gema Nation under The National Alliance (TNA) and William samoei arap Ruto Mobilized Kalenjins under United Republican Party (URP), they formed a predominantly Gema-Kalenjin Cabinet and Government in 2013.

Kalonzo Musyoka Mobilized Kambas under Wiper, he joined Raila Odinga who had earlier in 1997 rallied all Luos behind his Presidential bid.

Both Uhuru, Raila,Ruto and Kalonzo had full support of the region where they come from unlike Musalia Mudavadi who contested for a presidecy seat but he was defeated even in his home western Kenya.

Kenyan politics have been ethnic driven for the past years , a community cannot produce a President but when they achieve a solid base support for their leader, it catches the attention of others and national support follows seamlessly.

With a wide spectrum of Luhya people that they believe in Musalia Mudavadi, they seem like their quarrel with him is that he makes the wrong turn at critical times of Mulembe politics.

People from Mulembe nation must stop quarrelling with the political decisions that Musalia Mudavadi and other leaders makes.

When Raila Odinga joined Moi in 1998 in the merger between KANU and NDP, his Luo people gave it a seal of approval.When he recently agreed to the handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta, his people had no ifs or buts.

However, if he was to reach out to William Ruto today, his people will likely be admitted by James Orengo and Junet Mohammed move in the direction of Luo-Kalenjin pact.

Mostly in Kenya regional politics, the Kingpin is usually a calm and graceful Politician who has earned the respect of the rest of the leaders in the region. Where he/she goes, others follow.

Time is propitious for Luhyas to stop quarrelling with the political decisions Musalia Mudavadi makes but like people in Luoland, Gemaland, Kalenjinland or Kambaland by accepting one leader to make their political move.

As Musalia Mudavadi once said "The Market For Cheap Political Cows Is Found In Luhyaland" a narrative that can be changed.

As it had been noticed, Uhuru Kenyatta is reclaiming his party and consolidating it around his Gema base support for future political deals hence out Aden Duale, in Amos Kimunya, Out Kipchumba Murkomen, In Kangata.

For Raila it was out Wetangula, In Orengo and at the National Assembly, Mbadi consolidating his party around his Luo base support.

Luhya is the second largest tribe in Kenya after the Gema then followed by the Kalenjin and the Luo.

Regionally, Musalia Mudavadi has a chance of handing the largest number of votes that Raila Odinga and William Ruto from the community they originate.

The only task for Musalia is uniting Western kenya to speak one voice then look for a support in their neighbors to become the president.

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JohnJack_01 · 06/26/2020
That's true united is what is needed surely

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