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Men Should Cry: It's Healthy

Nduko.opera.com 06/25/2020

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It really okay for men to cry . Research has shown that a cry can help relieve a person from a lot of life complications . These are some of the main reason as to why one should.

1) Crying can relieve stress

Men should be aware that stress can lead you to doing very bad things such as can committing suicide. So it's very advisable to cry out whatever disturbing your mind as this can lover the level of stress and end up being okay.

2) It can show a softer side of you to your children

Your children should at least know that you got emotions rather than seeing how stone hearted you are often. Sometimes your children should learn from you that some situations sometimes are difficult and others good.

3) It can show Joy

At times when somebody is to amused by someone or something ,tears of joy can just flow uncontrollably . These includes when somebody is deeply in love or achieves the most anticipated goal.

4) Can prevent the need to swear to express anger

Just like women,once they cry whenever they are wronged,they just lower their anger hence ending up not doing something bad. Men actually should copy this as it will save so many things and situations.

Source: opera.com
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