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How The Sentencing Of Sirisia MP Was Made Interesting To Kenyans

Tonuichelaa 06/25/2020

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The sentencing of Sirisia member of parliament John Waluke has been fun for Kenyans , the televized ruling got interesting when Waluke's lawyer Cliff Ombeta begged the judge to have mercy on the MP , his reasons kept Kenyans talking . Here are some statements from both sides that interested Kenyans .

": Sirisia MP John Waluke saved the late President Moi in the 1982 coup. When his time comes for eulogy to be read, it will be said that he saved the head of state from an impending coup in 1982 ," Said Danstan Omari.

"He can be a better person today. We are begging that you give us the most lenient sentence. It is provided for in the laws. Look at his age, he is not a young man," Ombeta said . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Danstan Omari: Before you is a celebrated war veteran, in other jurisdictions war veterans who fought in the army are accorded special consideration. He (John Waluke) evaded bullets and guns to protect this nation. He is before you harmless, crying for mercy " .

John Waluke was found guilty of defrauding National cereals and produce board more than 313 M shillings in maize tender deal .

Kenyans are saying the mercy Sirisia MP is begging is not known to them and he should face the sentence just like other commoners . His lawyer added that he would miss his grandchildren if not leniently sentenced . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
ThomasOpondo_02 · 06/26/2020
As to all thieving and looting felas his loot was eaten largely by many along the way. Look at the large amounts paid out to prominent lawyers contracted along the way. Colossal sums of loot that in the end left him with just a handful. Now where will he get more than the treble amounts in fines to pay the state? He must be regretting and pitting himself while the lawyers who benefited the most enjoy their freedom and the acquired loot. He deserves his hard earned sweet.
+hannibalcarthage · 06/25/2020
Those who dips their sticky hands into the honey jar of tax payers now know there is nowhere to hide.These are not the yester years where one could steal go for elective offices throwing fingies to Wanjiku.You will be plucked from that office unceremoniously.

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