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Kenya Suffers Big Blow After This EU's Decision

MryMuendy 06/29/2020

The outbreak of coronavirus in the world resulted to the suspension of a number of activities most of which were of national importance.

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These activities and more so international flights were altered as a way of managing the spread of the virus. Few weeks ago, the World Health Organization revealed that the disease might be within people for sometime and called upon the governments to employ measures in containing the spread and also create awareness on how to live with the virus.

Since then, countries have been slowly resuming normal operations. European Union countries are scheduled to open their external borders later in the week.

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The EU countries have listed several countries whose citizens will be allowed in. In a report seen by the Reuters and published by the Star, only Uganda and Rwanda have been listed thus representing the East African Countries leaving out Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan.

The report alleged that the listed countries are those whose coronavirus pandemic spread had been maintained hence having a better epidemiological situation.

Some of the countries listed are; Algeria, Angola, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Mauritius, Monaco, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zealand, Paraguay.

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Others are; Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Kosovo, Indonesia, Vatican City, Vietnam and Zambia among others.

The countries left behind will have to wait longer before they get the permission to visit the European Union Countries, a move that will be determined by the countries efforts in containing the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

So far, Kenya has 6,190 positive COVID-19 positive cases with 144 fatalities.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+25576811**** · 06/30/2020
Europeans are well organised, this Corona thing never reached there, not a single European died from Corona, the virus was contained immediately they tested the first case, congrats Europe, your deaths were zero.
GUEST_bv6rbWVzv · 06/30/2020
I know from now CS kagwe will start lowering the no of positive cases so as to look as if they are containing the virus, what a shame.
AmianiMike · 06/30/2020
COVID19 was a Cash Cow for Jubilee and BBI.... now it will mess the innocent kenyan
GUEST_1qkgPDBJE · 06/30/2020
Mutahi Kagwe! Keep on with your daily announcements while your neighbours are smart. They announce only when necessary n in limitations as you continue exploding your big mouth thus killing hospitality industry. Be smart like others!!

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