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Doctor Has Revealed Frightening Long Term Covid-19 Symptoms Everybody Should Know

Everytime_News 06/25/2020

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An Intensive Care Unit doctor is warning of frightening side effects of Covid-19 that he has discovered ahead of developing Covid-19 symptoms 3 months ago. According to the statement by Sky News, Dr. Jake Suett who was an ICU doctor in Britain fighting coronavirus, developed symptoms on March 20 after battling with coronavirus for just one week.

According to Dr. Jake, what he felt first was some sort of tiredness and sore throat which later developed into Covid-19 like symptoms. Twelve weeks later, Dr. Jake suffered chest pain, blurred vision, memory loss, high temperatures, breathlessness and he was not even able to work. He claimed that sometimes he gets out of breath after walking for a short distance or even around the house.

Although Dr. Jake has claimed that things have changed positively to him, he insisted that not very much and it is very gradual. He said that he was among a group of people who were suffering from what they referred to as "long COVID"- with symptoms that seemed to last more than 14 weeks.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. However, Public Health England figures show that 19 out of 20 people who ailed from Covid-19 can recover from the virus without any medication which appears to be a contributing factor to "long COVID"- symptoms.

Dr. Jake has requested scientists to do investigations on why thousands are being hit hard by the virus and whether if there is a different "post-COVID syndrome".

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Source [Twitter @SkyNews]

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