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Tracing Covid-19 Numbers in Eastern African Countries, Kenya Tops While Burundi is Least Affected.

BenjaWriter 06/28/2020

In Eastern Africa, the total confirmed cases of corona virus disease are at 23,330 individuals. This is by Saturday, June 27th. Out of these cases, 12,327 cases are active while as 10,571 individuals have recovered from the disease. However, a total of 432 patients have succumbed to the disease.

From the ten Eastern African countries, Kenya has recorded the highest number of covid 19 cases. Burundi on the other hand has recorded the least number of cases which is at 144.

The following shows how these cases are distributed in respective countries:

1. Kenya with 5811

2. Ethiopia with 5425

3. Djibouti with 4643

4. Somalia with 2878

5. South Sudan with 1942

6. Uganda with 953

7. Rwanda with 858

8. Tanzania with 509

9. Eritrea with 167

10. Burundi with 144

The following shows these cases as distributed in the Eastern African countries. This is according to the Nation News Plex.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. However, the Nation News Plex has reported that Kenya's covid 19 recovery rate is almost three times lower that Djibouti's. This clearly shows that, even though Djibouti has a large number of infections, many patients recover at a higher rate.

Source: opera.com
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