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Daylight Robbery captured by CCTV camera in Kilimani

Johndean001 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. No where is safe in Kenya today! An innocent gentleman was robbed in broad daylight earlier today.

A CCTV footage of a daring daylight robbery in Kilimani went viral today leaving Kenyans extremely shocked.

On Thursday, June 25 at 0640hrs, this video was recorded by CCTV camera showing how an innocent guy was robbed as he was on his way to work.

The gentleman had carried a laptop bag then two men approached him. One with a dagger and the other one with a gun.

As seen in the video, the robber with a gun hits the victim on the side of his head with a gun and takes his bag. It was hard for the victim to protest as the thug with a knife had it pointed to his chest while he checked his pockets.

This incident was so first that it happened in less than 10 seconds. The DCI is aware of this incident and tweeted that investigations are being carried out.

"Detectives based at Kilimani are in receipt of this footage and have commenced investigations to bring the culprits to book." @DCI-KENYA wrote.

Netizens who watched this video were shocked to the core.

"Kilimani has never been safe. I grew up there and this used to happen every week. People from around there always had a story." @bammel86, one of the Kilimani residents commented.

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