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Martial Becomes First United Player to Score a Hatrick in 7 Years as They Sunk Sheffield

Lightnews 06/24/2020

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Anthony martial, a French international has gone into records as the first player to score a hat trick for Manchester united for a period of seven years.

Since Sir Alex Fergusion left the club, they have missed to record even a single hat trick.

Their new coach, Ole Gunnar has not bagged any hat trick in the league and this gives him hope now to mentor a lot of strikers in the club.

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Its really amazing for a versatile player like Martial to score an hat trick, he is good at scoring and dribbling. Though he has missed to score in many games, he was very bright today.

Scoring a hat trick during this period of Corona Virus where clubs are scarce of goals is not a joke.

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Manchester united beat Sheffield united in a highly contested game in old Trafford to maintain their number five In the premier league standings.

Man of the match, Anthony Martial scored his first goal in the 7th minute after a cool pass from Marcus Rashford.

He again neted the second goal after Wan Bisaka, focused and clear through pass ball to him at 44th minute to make it 2:0.

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At the break Manchester united were almost certain of the win. They came back to finish the business of the day during second a half by scoring a 3rd goal.

A cool pass from Marcus rashford again met Anthony martial in the box. He just looped it and scored a brilliant goal to raise his tally to be 3 goals in today's match.

This match saw Sheffield being highly disciplined and were never given even a single yellow card.

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Sheffield goal keeper made a lot of saves in the game than Manchester's goal keeper.

Manchester united are now at number five (5) in the premier league table while Sheffield dropped to number eight (8) in the same table.

They, Manchester are now at 49 points having played 31 games, 3 behind Chelsea who have played 30 games only.

They have revived hopes of finishing top four and qualify for the next season's uefa champions league.

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