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Meet These 7 Prominent Luos Who are not Kenyan Citizens


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The history of the Luo community is certainly one of the most interesting history of a people who migrated far and beyond during the mass exodus and settlement of African indigenous tribes before colonial times.

Luos who originated from the current day South Sudan migrated and settled in different parts of the African continent making them perhaps one of the most spread tribes in Africa. This is because they are currently found in most of the Eastern and Central African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, DRC, Chad and Central African Republic.

When it comes to matters Luo tribe, many have always mistaken the Luo people as a tribe that only exist in Kenya due to the fact that the Luos of Kenya have often produced many prominent people in different spheres of life however that is not the case. The Luo community has produced many outstanding personalities even outside Kenya.

A brief research on the Luo community led me into finding out about other Luo outstanding personalities who are not Kenyan citizens. This is the list;

1.     Sam Dong

Sam Dong is currently the Special Representative of Coordinating Office of the Luo people around the world. He is a very powerful Luo Figure who hails from South Sudan and is currently based in Australia. In November 1 2018 the Rarieda MP and a famous lawyer Otiende Amollo met Mr. Dong to discuss the development issues and ties between the Luo community in Eastern and Central Africa.

2.     Tito Okello (Former Ugandan President)

Tito Okello was a Ugandan president who took power through a military coup in 1985 until he was overthrown too in 1986. He rose to power after ousting yet another Luo leader Opollo Milton Obote. He was among the army officers who remarkably fought against the dictatorial regime of Idi Amin Dada.

3.     Joseph Ukel Abongo(South Sudan)

South Sudan where the luo community originated is still inhabited by the Luo community and this can be proved by some of the great Luo men who hail from the community like Joseph Ukel who has been a great politician in the current day South Sudan for decades now. He has served in different leadership capacities within south Sudan and is well known for his profession as an education guru.

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4.     Patrick Salvador (Uganda)

For those who have been following comedy shows in most of East African Television stations like the NTV Churchill show you might have come across the great comedian who also doubles up as an MC in most of the Ugandan ceremonies. Well, Salvador is yet another Luo personality who is not a Kenyan citizen.

5.     Mark Nyipuoch (South Sudan)

Mark Nyipuoch is a luo from the cradle of luos Bahr el Ghazal. He also served as the deputy speaker of South Sudan’s National Legislative Assembly. He has been very instrumental in the fight for the rights of the luos who are currently a minority tribe in South Sudan.

6.     Andrea Mayar Acho

Andrea Mayar Acho served as the Legislative Assembly Speaker of the Western Bahr el Ghazal state. He is being remembered for standing firm on the rights of the luo community in South Sudan which were being infringed. For a long time the luos were being referred to as Jurchol in South Sudan something that angered them. Mayar Achar warned people who were referring to luos as Jurchol to cease and respect the remaining Luos in the South Sudan. “Stop calling us Jurchol, We are Luos,” he declared.

7.     Owino Misiani(Tanzania)

The late benga musician Owino Misiani is a well-known luo personality in Kenya in the musical world. He sang many political songs during his times some of which were even considered prophetic. Many Luos in Kenya believed that he was a Kenyan however that was not the case. Owino was a Tanzanian national who hail from the Mara region of Tanzania where the Luos of Tanzania inhabit.  

History is a good thing because it reminds us of who we used to be, what we are currently and what we would like to be in future. The rich history of the great Lluo people goes yonder in terms of remarkable achievements and a show of great resilience and defiance.

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For hundreds of years the Luo community has always stood tall and that’s what inspired me to look beyond the famous luo community within the Kenyan boarders. We probably remember the late Opollo Milton Obote of Uganda, a man who rose and fell and rose again to clinch the uganda’s presidency. Barack Obama who is not a Kenyan citizen but a Kenyan by origin is probably one of the most admired men on planet earth after coming from a humble background to a president of a world power.

Many of us may also fail to recognize that former President Kabila of DRC has a luo blood through his mother who hailed from the Luo- Alur tribe of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The list is endless and the story can consume a whole encyclopedia. 



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GUEST_pnW8p6xNx · 06/26/2020
where is Obama or Saudi ochieng kabakas r/hand man or I'd amin
OmondiTonny_01 · 06/26/2020
All those that are against this article are not luos...wajinga nyinyi
Patodemonjo · 06/27/2020
Milton Obote wasn't a luo of course u are aware that the Lango tribe are not luos they were only assimilated by the luo.
KennedyUyirwoth · 06/26/2020
U have left out Norbert Mao, Dr.Olara Otunu who served in the UN

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