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September reopening of schools receives a major blow after new education guidelines

Evpaul 06/24/2020

The education cabinet secretary Prof.George Magoha has delivered which seems like a bad news on the reopening of schools,which is set to take place on 1st September this year.

Speaking to the media today , the education Cabinet secretary revealed that the new education guidelines requires between fifteen to twenty learners per class ,which he admitted to be hard to implement .

This comes as bad news to the process of reopening schools as most of schools lack the necessary infrastructure to handle the set guidelines.

It is known that the normal class accommodates fifty learners and most of schools especially in Nairobi county and the Eastern parts of Kenya have up to hundred learners per class.

Schools , mostly from the pastoralism communities have been on the limelight about learners taking their academic lessons under a tree, despite the several promises by every government that comes to power to end the menace with no or little intervention at the end.

Citizens are now keen to see what the government shall do in order to ensure all learners go back to their schools and kept in accordance to the new ministry of Education guidelines.

The question several citizens are asking is , will the government build classes and dormitories within the two months remaining before schools resume ?

The Cs also intend that teachers will have to report back to school two weeks before the actual opening of schools to ensure all is set before learners report back.

Whats your take on this ? Kindly share your opinion with us .

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Top Comments
MulamaAgnes · 06/25/2020
The earth is now ready for the rule of the anti_Christ . He is coming to offer solutions that will suite all situations. The whole earth will bow down because of His capability. Let the wise go down on their knees in repentance. Time is over. Let everybody who cares for his or her eternity receive Jesus now, live in repentance ,receive the Holy spirit,and live a life worthy repentance. The Messiah is coming . prepare well.
+254-72153**** · 06/25/2020
These are pipe dreams and a tactic of keeping busy.
LechonkoOsborn · 06/25/2020
Real crisis. Let's first contain the pandemic then education normalcy will resume automatically.
EricKinyua_01 · 06/25/2020
The same government issuing the guidelines knows very well that it cannot afford to implement by constructing additional classes, dorms, dining halls, etc. even if given 5years.

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