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Factors to consider before opting to marry someones daughter

Vigedi 06/25/2020

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Actually, in life, everyone has his own type of wife he is capable of marrying. Some consider both internal and external factors while some only consider external physical appearance. It is always advised that whenever you marry, always consider all factors that won't arouse issues in life in the future. This is because some ladies get married but they are very resistant to change. As normality has it, we expect a lady to change how she dresses when she gets married.

Before marriage, some of the ladies are said to dress skirts among other clothes that attract the attention of men. They also apply a lot of expensive makeups that are very expensive to maintain. A real lady is expected to stop this but some continue with the trend. Such a culture is said to bring up several issues in the family and as a man you to extra keen on this.

Now, let's say you marry a wife but she still puts on the clothes she wore before marriage. Most men will always think the lady is trying to please other men outside marriage. Nevertheless, the expensive makeups might also eat into your pocket. This might get you into spending on things that do not earn you.

As a man, before you marry, always take time to analyze the manners of your soulmate before marrying. Actually, I'm sure every man has the potential of judging the real lady from how she behaves before marriage. To save the situation, always pass the message for safety in the future and to have a point of defense.

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DickIsaiah_01 · 06/27/2020
That is while is good to know a woman for sometimes before getting married,. to know her flaws, so that if u can tolarate her u go ahead, if not u do away, but no one is perfect
+234-810895**** · 06/27/2020
babe i like ur life style
+234-810895**** · 06/27/2020
u babe u are so nice
TijjaniBabaHamisu · 06/26/2020
hello my advice marry educate sombody dont choice one just pireay

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