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Letter To The Single Ladies

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Dear single ladies,

I need you guys to understand something about relationship before the year ends.

ALL BACHELORS have some kind of fear for marriage. Yes, all the single guys are somehow afraid of getting married. Perhaps, because of the challenges in marriage; their liberty that will be limited, marriage responsibilities, having to live with just one woman forever, becoming a father and so on.

The reason why It is so is that the natural configuration of men is quite different from those of women. The way men reason differ from the way women reason.

For instance, If a lady has 100k, she may just think "I need a plasma TV"......and that is it, she goes for it and she buys it.

But a man would think "why do I need a plasma TV?" "Is plasma TV my most pressing need at the moment?" "How do I get money to always pay for subscription after I have purchased the TV?"

Men think of what will happen later while most women think of the present.

Now, what I am trying to say is that as a lady, you need to give your man a push. Don't just sit there and be expecting him to bring ring and propose. Even after the proposal, the fear still remains.

You need to help him overcome his fears. Keep on reassuring him that marriage will only make him better. Encourage him to take the bold step. Let him know that marrying you is not a death sentence. Remind him that two good heads are better than one.

Love can't overcome that fear in men, that is more reason you need to come in.

I am sure that there is a man somewhere that is presently in a relationship with the love of his life and has what it takes to marry her, but he has not been able to overcome his fears. Sister, help him, give him a push.

I'm not saying ladies should become desperate. I'm only encouraging ladies to engage in purpose driven relationship.

pray for him

encourage him

assure him that you guys will be fine

But dont force yourself on him From a brother that cares.

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ObafemiAjayi · 07/3/2020
you have rightly spoken,I love your constructive words

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