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Kiunjuri's Party Brand Ruthlessly Mocked, Likened to a Drug's Name

HillaryGisore 06/25/2020

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Just a day after launching his The Service Party (TSP), in a political comeback five months after being fired as Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Mwangi kiunjuri's critics have spewed venom targeting his new political brand.

On Thursday while unveiling his party that has yellow, white, red and navy blue as it's official colours, the former Agriculture CS said he was aware of the political backlash and criticism his move could attract.

"We are aware that this journey will not be smooth. There will be harassment along the way but we will soldier on until we reach our destination with Kenyans," Mr Kiunjuri said

Further, on the selection of the party name, symbols and colours, he added: "This symbol is our promise to serve the people of Kenya."

Kiunjuri's political positioning ahead of the 2022 polls, however, has attracted critics who have poked holes on the party's name and symbols, even after the party got registered as the 82nd political party in Kenya.

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Professor of Law, Makau Mutua, thinks Kiunjuri's TSP party has no political footing because of it's brand name, and has likened it to a "trade agreement".

" some political parties are dead on arrival because of their WEIRD names. TSP - the acronym for The Service Party- sounds like a trade agreement, or a drug for a pandemic. It's DOA,"tweeted Makau.

Meanwhile, Canadian based lawyer Miguna who was deported from Kenya has lauded the Ex-Cs move to unveil the new party, however, he has showed discontent with the party's logo and colour - referring it to a 'dating site'.

He tweeted: "It is good that Mwangi Kiunjuri launched a party, the service party, TSP but the logo and the colour went all wrong, from afar I thought its a dating site leave blueband alone. Lack of creativity." View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Kiunjuri, who was once president Uhuru's favourite CS, was sacked earlier this year after a strained relationship with his boss and for criticising the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

It's not clear, however, whether Kiunjuri will join national politics with his new party or he will front DP Ruto, his closest political friend, in his quest to succeed President Uhuru Kenya. But speculations fly high that Kiunjuri is eyeing stamping his name in Mt Kenya politics, and for taking the mantle as the region's Kingpin from President Uhuru.

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