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Panic as Another Covid-19 Scam Hits Kenyan WhatsApp Groups

Newsupdate254 06/25/2020

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A number of scams have emerged during this Covid-19 pandemic as several unsuspecting kenyans have been snared into registering for fake food distribution. Kenyans have rather been warmed against the group of fraudsters as their goal has been stated to be defrauding innocent citizens of their hard-earned living through WhatsApp groups with a promise of getting money from a fake Covid-19 relief fund.

Kenyans have been urged not to fall for the scheme following latest reports of a scam alleged to be run by Uhuru Kenyatta foundation which has been confirmed not to be existing.

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A link to the scam website which asked users to submit their personal information first before accessing the relief fund stated that FG had eventually approved and commenced giving out KSh 20,000 Relief Funds and that one could only claim and get credited once.

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The website is also claimed to be asking for a fee between KSh 10,000 and KSh 20,000 as a down payment before one could access the relief foods whereby applicants were re directed to share messages first after completing the questions whereafter they asked for bank account details.

IT expert, Brian Muuo advised citizens not to be lured by such schemes since some of its links may install malware on your device hence a person may end up losing personal information or even their hard-earned money.

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