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What Anne Waiguru Said During the Senate Hearing That Might Save Her from The Impeachment

BrightonM 06/25/2020

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Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru Pulled out several surprise cards during her final statement during the senate hearings on her impeachment motion. Armed with an emotional speech and playing her favorite victim card, Anne Waiguru appealed to the conscience of the senators threatening them that Kirinyaga residents and herself will never forget how they made them feel if they go ahead and impeach her. 

“To those who conspired with these forces to wrongfully impeach me, I forgive you and say to you as I close in the words of the great American female poet Maya Angelou.. ‘Kirinyaga people will forget what you said, they will even forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel and neither will I. That notwithstanding, I forgive You,” said Anne Waiguru in the senate.

The formidable Anne Waiguru also pulled out the BBI card. She told the senate select committee that she was being targeted because of her support for the Uhuru-Raila BBI. She stated that some people are not happy for her move to support president Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda and therefore colluded with the Kirinyaga MCAs to orchestrate her removal as the governor.

“Honorable senators, my support for the BBI and the handshake is the reason why am wrongly targeted. Some external forces have teamed up with members of the county assembly to fight and remove me from office for supporting the president’s agenda. It is my stand that has made me gain enemies with deep pockets both within and outside the county of Kirinyaga,” added Anne Waiguru.

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In her defense, Anne Waiguru said that movers of the motion failed to prove that she was involved in any form of corruption or abuse of office. Waiguru went ahead to present illegible photocopied receipts as prove of having travelled abroad. The MCAs had accused her of allocating herself money alleged for foreign travels yet she never travelled. In those receipts, the only words seen were KJIA and dates not even the stamps could be verified.

The embattled Kirinyaga governor maintained that she was innocent and that the whole impeachment was a political witch-hunt. She challenged the senate committee to rise to the occasion and defend her since the MCAs have failed to prove their allegations. She had earlier on presented around 20 boxes of what she termed as her responses to the impeachment allegations.

Sources had indicated that BBI politics and Waiguru’s connections to Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta will play a critical role in her impeachment proceedings. COTU secretary General Francis Atwoli in his previous press statement asked senators to save Waiguru because she supports the Uhuru-Raila handshake and the BBI. Suna East member of Parliament Junet Mohamed as well in a presser in Garsen stated that ODM party will move to save Waiguru because she has not committed any crime.

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The senate select committee hearings on Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru’s impeachment ended on Wednesday June 24th at 7pm. The select committee is expected to meet on Thursday to deliberate and prepare their report of their findings and recommendations. Senate speaker Ken Lusaka has convened a special full plenary sitting on Friday June 26th where Waiguru’s impeachment report shall be tabled and her impeachment case decided.

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