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Twitter Erupts Against LSK Chair Nelson Havi After Justifying MP Waluke's Corrupt Deeds

Tamnai 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Nelson Havi. Photo courtesy: twitter.com

The Law Society of Kenya Chairman Nelson Havi has received a massive backlash after sending out a tweet that insinuated he's defending the corrupt.

The tweet touched on the sentencing of Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke and his co-accused Grace Wakhungu who were involved and yesterday found guilty on a NCPB maize scandal, that saw them being sentenced to 7 years imprisonment or pay a fine of Ksh 594 Million

The LSK chair took to Twitter and tweeted in favour of the corrupt by saying, "John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu contracted with NCPB. NCBP breached the contract. Arbitrator ordered payment. Award was enforced by High Court. NCPB lost before High Court and Court of Appeal and paid the decree. How can that be a crime? Do not celebrate fraudulent convictions".

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The fact that Havi came to the defense of the accused and justified their deeds through the tweet rubbed Kenyans the wrong way, to a point of labeling him an LSK cartel.

Being an LSK chair, the majority of Kenyans expect Havi to be intolerant towards the corrupt and not the other way round.

On previous occasions, Havi has also received much criticism for leaning on one side on matters that he needs to be neutral on as LSK chair.

This was also recently seen during the Wetangula Ford Kenya leadership case where he was at the forefront of helping Wetangula reclaim his seat after being ousted for gross misconduct.

Havi's remarks on Twitter made Kenyans took to the platform to call him out.

Below are some of their reactions:

Hon. George Peter Kaluma: The President of LSK @NelsonHavi has failed to give @LSK mature leadership; instead treating lawyers, the Justice sector and the general public to unstrategic social media rants over issues demanding thoughtful approach. He must be removed before he kills LSK.

Turify: Nelson Havi is just a disgrace to the law fraternity, man is arrogant, over ambitious and not clean for that post! Can't he just perfrom and stop the sideshows

Vihiga TweèpThe fish starts rotting from the HEAD! Kenyans who seek justice are on their own- What is Nelson Havi doing about the rogue advocates who even steal from widows and orphans who seek justice from the courts

ZëitGêî§T ™ ♔: Nelson Havi while campaigning for the seat of LSK President, the slogan was a "Brave new bar." I wish he would have specified what he meant by "bar" "Bar" the corrupt from prosecution?""Bar" taxpayers from recovery of stolen taxes? 

Charles Mark Dienya: A Court of Competent Jurisdiction found that John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu did nothing to deserve the payment (Supplied AIR) , the Two Confirmed they were GUILTY as Charged while pleading for Fair Sentencing.

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John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu in court. Photo courtesy: twitter.com

Okuta Odima: @NelsonHavi will become a failure in disguise if he tries to sanitize the corrupt by chest thumbing authority of those supposed to protect the common citizen... It will be a disgrace if you proceed with your corrupt sanitation

Giravoya GiravoyaUnder Nelson Havi, the morality of the bar is depreciating at a very alarming rate. You can now exonerate my assertions. #LskCartels

Aldrin Ouma Oduor: Nelson Havi should be neutral. His continuous allegiance to one side will make Kenyans feel like he can't be trusted even if he means well. He's a good guy though but it seems power has found a space in his head. 

Sir Festus.: This guy has just been pretending to fight for justice, but now the mask is off....... He wants people who supplied nothing to be paid as per the contract.,......

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Top Comments
MauriceWeyao · 06/28/2020
havi is a cartel leading cartels maybe he had a share.
+254-xxxxxxx636 · 06/28/2020
The imperative to take into cognizant that the payments that were made by NCPD through High Court to Erad company were made on misrepresentation of facts .
GeorgeKaruma_01 · 06/28/2020
just a question? Havi why are you defending a thief, are you among them, You should think twice as a president of LSK,.
DanielRuheni · 06/27/2020
NASA can now see what we have been seeing all along about this so called President of LSK thanks to handshake.

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