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How KCPE Science Examination is set and tested

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. When setting Science exams or tests either subjective or essay,the examiners always targets testing pupils' abilities at various levels. The levels tested includes knowledge, application, comprehension, synthesis, analysis and evaluation

Knowledge questions

This question tends to make the learner to recall or remember a certain piece of information.

Mostly these questions needs learners to think critically. In KCPE examination the question on this skill awarded 1 or 1/2 a mark.

An Example of knowledge question:

A cactus plant stores food in the______

Comprehension questions

Comprehension questions tests the ability leaners to comprehend or understand information asked.

Some comprehension questions are in form of diagram while others inform of passage

Marks awarded to this question is 1 1/2 or 2 marks.

An Example of a comprehension question:

The following are functions of trachea except.

 Application questions

These types of questions tests ability of learners to apply the learnt information.

Marks awarded to this question is always 2 marks

An Example of application question:

Large furrows in the soil indicates______

 Analysis questions View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This is high ability questions.

Here pupils are expected to break a concept into parts and explain their relationship by Choosing, separating or investigating.

Marks awarded are 3 or 4 marks.

An Example of analysis question:

What's the difference between wind pollinated flowers and insect pollinated flowers ?

synthesis questions

This question need learners to rearrange, combine ideas or facts to make a whole.

An Example of synthesis question:

Which combination of statement describs hard water.

The following are characteristics of an animal Tom saw. Had backbone, cold blooded, live both on land and water, has sclaes on the body. The animal Tom saw was a_____

Marks awarded to this question are always 3 marks.

Evaluation questions.

This question need the learners to make comparison before concluding.

Which type of soil is suitable for cultivation? Why?_____

If this lever was to make work easier, the tool must_____

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