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Kenyans react as waluke pleads for mercy after being found guilty of corruption

Obogeshem 06/25/2020

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Kenyans are not ready to forgive waluke after being convicted for corruption. Through his lawyer Cliff Ombeta,the member of parliament for Sirisia was so remorse

"The conviction has deflated Waluke. The confidence is no longer there. He is a broken man…He has accepted the findings but wants to plead with you to exercise your mercy...He has regretted that these events came to pass. Look at him with mercy."said cliff Ombeta while defending the embattled member of parliament.

Another lawyer defended waluke stating that several people depends on him as a father,Grandfather and as a guardian.

"The accused person is a husband to two wives who are dependant to the MP…He is a father and grandfather...Apart from family responsibilities...he is supporting orphans within Sirisia… 70+ people depend on him."said lawyer Sam Nyamberi.

Lawyer cliff Ombeta and Sam Nyamberi's submission made Kenyans talk online.

@oumaodando"We admit that when you steal millions from Kenyans then lawyers will seek mercyHow many are in jail and have familiesCould being an MP in Kenya a certificate of protection and mercy against the law?Waaaaacheni ujinga lawyers sometimes u behave like unclothed minded people coz of moneyBure kabisa Waluke karibu Manyani prison "

@ambatopj " And we are Kenyans, low income earners, jobless, poorly educated, mostly orphaned by ineptitude n clueless leadership and we are heavily taxed! He is lucky he has two wives funded lavishly by looted tax payers money!"

@anthonybarasa"Am following this proceedings but am wondering if the pleading for mercy to the crime done is done to all Kenyans be4 sending them to prisons."

@yulemsee"If he stole from public coffers...this means he siphoned public funds...people depending on him should not be a reason to Discern him from corruption...he is corruption, corruption is him period"

@kimanikinuthia"many,many,almost all lawyers are natural liers coz how can u justify ati 2 wives will suffer ,who told that Mhesh to marry them,aaish .Again who said that we should steal to help the less fortunate? man,beba ur cross i don't pity u"

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He is lucky his family will enjoy our taxes and inherit his parliamentary seat

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