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Is This Is What The State is Barring Muigai wa Njoroge From Availing to the Public

Abusenior 06/24/2020

John Muigai Njoroge alias Kigutha, who recently released a controversial hit song dupped “Ino Migunda” (these pieces of land), and got served with a court order to appear to Runda court on 26th June is a musician who is really being hunted by the dynasties. But have you wondered why him and not others who are still composing songs to either criticize or question the government proceedings?

The reasons why Muigai Wa Njoroge is being monitored closely is because of his four latest songs, which dig deeper than any other song in the areas where the government is messing up Kenyans, especially the common mwananchi. Muigai, in his latest reeases did “tukunia”, then “Mboomu”,mbari ya kimendero” and now the most harsh “ino migunda”. In these four releases, the political class felt its causing plenty of harm to them.

For instancse, in “mboomu release”, Muigai questions the government whether even if one is educated and have legal academic credentials, he cant secure worthy employment since his family and relatives are not among the political class. More to this, Muigai question the government what are its resolutions for the poor, questioning them whether they are after making five billionaires and 5 million poor beggers. He further questions what are the moves to save our Kenyans who are languishing and dying in the arab countries led by Saudi Arabia, in search for jobs since in kenya there is no refuge.

In “Tukunia”, which is meant to mean “homeguards” who used to betray their own for execution, muigai is enlightening “wanjiku” that its better to elect William Ruto instead of going for the dynasties seeing that they know not what are the needs for common mwananchi. He in a daring stanza claims that uhuru impregnated wanjiku with a 10 years pregnancy to elect William ruto, but now he is forcing them to abort and embrace the new embryos in the name of handshake. Muigai advices that its easier if we abort a younger pregnancy of the handshake than the grown one of William Ruto which can be hazardous.

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In “kimendero”, to mean the “chain of oppressers”, Muigai daringly cautions the corrupt politcians telling them that their deaths await them in India, where they will fly to alive and be brought back in caskets for burial. This song also saw him face charges though he survived. He also warned the politicians that God is never mocked and that their kids will be mere fools with saliva pouring from their mouths and ensure wanjiku gets her rights.

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In the “ino Migunda”, muigai is questioning the owners of vast portions of idle land, contrary to our freedom fighters to have every family own a sizeable acerage to build and live in. he questions why someone owns almost a whole county yet in kibera people are congested to an extent that no new structure can be built. In a striking shot, Muigai openly points at Hon Raila, the late Mzee Moi and The Kenyattas saying that wanjiku is soon Coming to subdivide their lands and warns them that they will run by foot.

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What do you think? Is he inciting tribal chaos or speaking the truth? Is he justified? Is what he is saying possible?

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Kjohns' · 06/25/2020
he is speaking what many fear to say
GUEST_1zPpvd01l · 06/25/2020
kwani ukweli unanma??

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