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See why schools will not open in September

Bkjake 06/29/2020

In his announcement, president Uhuru Kenyatta asked the ministry of education to come up with plans to ensure that school will be opened in september,2020.

Although huge amount has been allocated to the ministry of education to ensure that schools open in September, there are several challenges that are yet to be addressed.

According to minister of education prof. George Magoha, a classroom will supposed to carry a maximum of 15 students. This is impossible. Already schools in Kenya are congested with few classes, the ministry will be overwhelmed to build additional infrastructure.

Secondly, if we go by suggestions of the ministry of education, it means that TSC will have to employ additional teachers. Notably, there is a shortage of over 100,000 teachers currently.

Thirdly, We closed school with only one case of corona virus in the country. Now we have over 5,000 covid 19 cases in Kenya, and the number is still escalating. Therefore, opening schools will worsen the situation.

Fourthly, opening schools will mean opening up free movement in the country to allow students to travel to their respective schools. In the process the virus will spread rapidly.

If the vaccine is not found in near future, it is wise to allow students to stay at home. We would rather unlearned child than a sick one. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
SirJ · 07/5/2020
If dey lik let school open 2023 God is with is children👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. I can not see wat type of corona virus is dat, for the pass for 4month now the government can not fine the problem. Remember dat the youths are the leadership of tomorrow.
GUEST_WGZg0rkQl · 07/1/2020
And will it be worth the risk?
+254-72806**** · 07/1/2020
not a sick one but a dead one

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