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Inspector General of Police Breaks Silence Over Lessos Shooting Incident

MryMuendy 06/25/2020

Demonstrations and chaos erupted on Thursday after a man was shot dead in Lessos Trading Centre, Nandi County for not wearing a face mask.

Protesting the shooting, residents engaged the police in running battles as they tried to manage the situation but then ended killing two more people and leaving scores injured.

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This was cursed by a number of political leaders as well as Kenyans. Later in the day, The office of the Inspector General of police released a statement about the same.

"The Inspector General National Police Service has this afternoon 25th June 2020 ordered the immediate arrest and suspension of the officer who was involved in a shooting incident in Lesos, Nandi East Sub-County...

...The National Police Service of Kenya reiterates its commitment to its highest ideal of service fr all, 'Utumishi Kwa Wote' and holds the position that no officer is allowed to take the law into their own hands.." View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The statement further revealed that they had informed the Independent Policing Oversight Authority, IPOA to take action as stipulated by the law and ensure any issue arising from the incident has been looked into.

The shooting comes few days after reports indicated that more than 100 lives had been lost to police brutality since the curfew directive was put into place.

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Locals from the area claimed that the police had been taking bribes as well as harassing the residents while in the process of implementing the coronavirus pandemic regulations laid by the Ministry of Health and also the government at large.

Leaders have been calling upon the offices responsible to bring any police involved in brutality to face the rule of the law.

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Top Comments
EstherMaina_10 · 06/25/2020
I think 👮 who carelessly use the firearm given to him should be executed publicly otherwise this guys will never learn.
GeorgeAtancha · 06/25/2020
Covid and police brutality is likened to an ambulance killing three people along the road while rushing to save one half dead patient
Kalwal · 06/26/2020
Police brutality, bribery is symptomatic of moral decay in society. Remember the rumour about stolen money in health ministry that was meant to mitigate the effects of covid, the bribery that is seen during recruitment, government evictions etc are just but a few incidences that suggest all isn't well. We are now in a jungle where the mightiest have its way and say. The lowly are trampled upon and their rights denied.
nathankivava · 06/26/2020
let's not rush to blame the police. Thorough investigation must be conducted to find what prompted the officer to use his riffle and if the office is found responsible let him face the law. circumstances like was the officers life really in danger...... must be put in consideration. After all when this officers are not in uniform they are our brothers and sisters.

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