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Hemingways Reopens Two of Its Hotels After Long Holiday Brought About by COVID-19 Pandemic

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Coronavirus was first reported at around mid March this year in our country. It has been announced as a global pandemic having over seven million people who have tested positive for covid 19 and thousands succumbing to the virus. Countries across the globe had to come up with measures to contain and defeat the giant virus which have ever since been put into place worldwide. These measures include the closure of economies, restricting interactions among citizens and closure of industries and companies which are known to be great source of employment.

Hospitality sector is not an exception. Hotels, restaurants and other companies associated with hospitality and tourism were hard hit by corona outbreak and they were forced to send their employees home and close their enterprises. Hemingways, a reknown big hotel in Nairobi also closed down in honour of Kenyan Government's directives in its fight against corona. But now it's clear the government has lifted some strict directives, paving way for the reopening of hotels and restaurants, which are now operating under measures laid down to reduce spread of the virus among citizens .

The Hemingways Collection Group CEO; Alastair Addison on Tuesday announced the reopening of Nairobi and Watamu properties, while the reopening of its OL seki Mara property remain underway. He further added that the measures they have adopted in their luxurious enterprises are beyond the minimum government standards to offer complete security and comfort to their guests and at the same time retaining the unique experience found at their Hemingway Collection. He also stated out that the collection is positive of fresh breath and recovery, considering how hard the sector was hit by the pandemic.

He however admitted that it won't be easy for them but he expressed his delight in welcoming the cherished guests once again after what seemed eternity. Hemingway is yet to declare redundancies and instead it has retained it's 400 staff members on board.

Source: opera.com
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