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Uhuru, Ruto Face The Wrath of Kenyans After Spending Millions on Entertainment

ronaldcharley 06/24/2020

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Kenyans are not happy with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto after it emerged that the two spent more money than previous years on their entertainment budget.

According to Daily Nation, the presidency which comprises of the office of Uhuru and Ruto spent Sh422 million more after Data from the Controller of Budget revealed that Sh1.18 billion was spent in nine months to March this year.

Sh758.2 million was spent by the offices in the same period last year as the funds were spent on parties and receptions.

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Netizens reacting to the news slammed President Uhuru and his deputy for wasting taxpayers money while Kenyans are suffering.

“No difference between Uhuru and Ruto. There has to be an alternative! We owe them nothing. Even your children can be president,” said Kevin Prince.

“Entertainment money while even water, electricity, health facilities and roads among other social amenities are dreams to majority of Kenyans, poor we. Anyway we sold our rights the day we walked to those polling stations and now we're suffering heavily,” said Gatonye Francis.

“It's interesting how you'll still hear some people praising the DP to be president even after having read this and even try to justify why he should be elected to the highest office despite the nonsense of wasting taxpayers money on unproductive functions that add no value,” said Timothy Allindi.

“Were They Entertained By Beyonce, Rihanna And Cardi B For The Whole Fiscal Year?? Even Chris Brown, SUNGUSIA And Bahati Combined Can Not Consume That Much,” said Vinny Mwalleh.

“Overspending in unnecessary issues while people are dying because of hunger,” said Francis Nyathoko.

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
RachelMaigi · 06/24/2020
and innocent Kenyans are suffering
KiioMichael · 06/24/2020
The Prezo and his Deputy should never dream of holding public office anymore.

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