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Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi gets Bitter Explaining 90M paid to his Law firm by NCPB

KaibiruPressCentre 06/25/2020

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File photo of lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi populary called Grand Muller. Photo courtesy.

A tweet from Kenneth this evening rubbed the Grand Muller the wrong way. Kenneth had said: "Farmers have suffered lack of payment for maize supplied to NCPB, what they don't know is that a lawyer ( @ahmednasirlaw) who loves to pontificate, wearing a holier than thou mask is in fact the one syphoning gov't funds meant to pay farmers."

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Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi. Photo courtesy.

Replying, the visibly agitated lawyer said: "IDIOT...SHUT UP...You DON'T know what you are taking about...I was instructed to as lead lawyer to lead the lawyer on record in two applications before the Court of Appeal..I was successful in BOTH...I charged fees and WAS PAID.. I have ZERO APOLOGY for that..."

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The screenshot of the conversation on twiter.

Kenneth, attached the below document for Ahmednasir to see. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

"Shut up you can't even tweet logically" tweeted the lawyer." He replied.

"I WILL NOT SHUT UP....... you are the Grand Mugger of our beloved country and government, can you tell Kenyans how you used your bank @fcb_interact. (FIRST COMMUNITY BANK) to steal tax payers MONEY @Asamoh_ @CollinceBey @coldtusker #WalukeSentencing."

He attached the following.

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He got no response from his target.

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Screenshot from the conversation and reactions.

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Top Comments
Zach!!!! · 06/25/2020
as alawyer representing athief doesn't mean you're a thief,people/haters should differentiate the two.grand muller was paid for his legal service he offered.
ThomasOpondo_02 · 06/27/2020
Clever lawyers enticed Waluke to make greedy claims of 370 million for supply of air for which they made hefty loot in 100 of millions leaving their client with just peanuts of 10's of millions. Now Waluke and Wakhungu have been left alone to suffers the full force of the law and have been fined a hefty some of 2 billion leaving while their numerous lawyers are off the hook and enjoying the proceeds of the original crime. The current lawyers are also waiting for their payments. What a pity. In the end greed and crime doesn't pay.
+254-72546**** · 06/25/2020
prove that he didn't give the services it was intended for,#without that ,we treat as pangaga
+254-77179**** · 06/28/2020
Abdulnassir is just a thief. His legal prowess is nothing short of media exaggeration

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