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68-Year-old First-Time Mother Gave Birth to Twins and What it Means to Kenyan Women

olageKE 06/25/2020

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Couples easily get discouraged and stigmatized when they unsuccessfully try for a baby. The feeling alone is enough to make them feel out of favor.

For Nigerian couples, Margarett Adenuga and her husband Noah, unsuccessful attempts of trying for a baby can be hurled to the side if a couple embraces new technology and advancement.

Margarett Adenuga together with her husband Noah have been trying for a baby for more than four decades after which Margarett successfully delivered twins at Lagos University Teaching Hospital thanks to IVF(In Vitro Fertilization)

Margarett,68-year-old, and her husband, 70, welcomed their bundles of joy in what doctors have dubbed as a sharp 'miracle'.

The Nigerian couples spent 43 years marked with desperate scenarios all in line with trying for a baby. Last year, Margarett finally felt pregnant via IVF. This came after they were met with three failed attempts at the treatment.

On April 14, Margarett auspiciously delivered a boy and a girl by c-section. She would be in her maternity unit bed, sleeping without having to worry about the future. Having fulfilled her dreams of having a baby, she felt blessed. Her delivery to twins mushroomed into laughter and joy, with an edge of tranquility.

Reporting to a media house in Nigeria, Noah revealed that he had never hurled the hopes of having a child to the big black pit of nothingness. He mentioned that he had a dream back in 1996 which had him being told that he would be known across the world.

Despite doctors regarding the IVF as a dangerous move for Margarett, the old couples dissolved the doctors' remarks and pressed ahead for a child.

Lagos University Teaching Hospital wasn't the acute and dedicated force behind the IVF, however, they monitored her for 37 weeks after which she decided to have a cesarean.

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A doctor named Adeyemi Okunowo used the word "miracle" to describe the birth. For Noah and his wife, the urge to have their children were strong enough to make them travel to London just to undergo a procedure. According to credible sources, their birth might have stemmed from their latest round of IVF in Britain.

What is IVF?

IVF is the fertilization that takes place when sperm and egg fertilize outside the body. Also known as tube baby treatment, IVF is effective and handy for couples experiencing difficulties in conceiving naturally. Several fertility clinics in Kenya offer affordable IVF.

What is the right age to enter IVF?

35 years is considered as the right age to consider IVF treatment. Also, married couples who have suffered the pain of infertility for 10 years can consider embracing this treatment.

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What Kenyans preparing for IVF should know

The process of IVF is not always successful. In the event the treatment hasn't been successful, patients will be advised to go through other cycles of proceeding treatments before they are eventually pronounced successful. Because the IVF success rate varies from one woman to another, a fertility specialist will be in a position to acutely communicate the likelihood of a bounce rate and the reasons behind the same.

Women going through IVF have a higher probability of experiencing multiple pregnancies. This is because IVF treatment involves more than one embryo being placed in a suitable spot into the uterus, heightening the likelihood of multiple pregnancy 20-30%

For women with damaged Fallopian tubes, the risk of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy heightens by 1-3% a clear reason why a specialist should advise if the couples should take on the IVF treatment.

And for women who've spent years trying for a baby, God will make sure that your childbirth is an admirable one.

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congratulations..the Lord is Good
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Congratulations, God is great
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Congratulations. To God be all glory. May God guide and protect the twins and their parents in Jesus name amen.
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it's true God is faithful

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