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List Of Pleadings To Court By Siria MP Lawyers During Sentencing

Timely_News.com 06/25/2020

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Siria MP hon Waluke is facing Sentencing trial in the court after he was found guilty of fraud involving 297 million shillings. However, as the Sentencing ongoes, Lawyers representing the Siria MP have made some tremendous pleadings that have gotten Kenyans talking. The layers representing the MP are pleading with the court to have the MP either subjected to a shorter sentence or non-custodian sentence. 

Here are some of the pleadings that they have submitted to the court. Lawyer Omari pleads that upon subjecting his client to custodian sentence, will expose him to COVID-19 pandemic. Secondly, he pleads that his client also saved President Moi in the 1982 Coup. Adding that let it be known that once released he cannot do what he thinks since the offences where committed while he was an ordinary citizen.

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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta argued that by locking the accused, then his salary won't be anymore. This will translate to ongoing college students to drop from school. Adding that the grand child would miss the opportunity to have grandfather's advice. Begging the court to reconsider medical report submitted and have sympathy with the accused person.

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Further, Lawyer Nyaberi for Waluke pleads that the MP be spared since besides being a father,, more than 70 people depend on him in various occasions. Therefore, by custodialy Sentencing the MP, will expose the 70 people to problems since the accused won't be on payroll. Cliff Ombeta also pleaded that his client be released on mercies of having accepted the events and that are on the past.

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