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Women Love And Admire Men Who Commands Them Like Their Fathers Does

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Women are the most unique and complicated creatures in the World.There is no scientific research that has ever successfully discovered what is the cause of women's behavioural and emotional nature.I am lucky to have lived long enough to study and understand women's nature.

Women simply want men who can command them like their Fathers and take this to the bank.Women expect a man who is masculine and is not willing to abandon his masculinity for her sake.

A man is a creature expected to set aside his emotions and put his reasoning and logic in action first.In most cases,he should not sympathize or empathise with a woman's feelings.Women want and desire to be commanded and directed on the right paths without fear or favour.

Failure for a man to show strong masculinity will led to dispice from the part of the women as the women ends up confusing between his fellow women and a real man.A man devoid of masculinity is regarded weak by a woman courtesy of millions of evolutions in humans. 

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