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Young Mother Cries For Help From The Public After Losing Everything in Gikomba Fire

Kagenimarion 06/26/2020

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Pictured: (Regina Njeri Gathoni sitting where her shop was situated)

Just yesterday, the country woke up to another devastating event after Gikomba market was set ablaze for the second time this year. A situation that has left a lot of traders in devastating and depressing situations as their only source of livelihood to was left to nothing but ashes. A situation that has seen a young mother appeal to the public for help regarding her depressing situation citing that she has lost her only source of income and is left with no option to but to beg.

The lady who has identified herself as Regina Njeri Gathoni is a mother of 4 year old boy living with her single mother who used to work as a bartender before pubs were closed down due to the spread of the corona virus. Regina, who identifies herself as Njeri Noni on her tweeter handle with a handful of followers, says she has reached her breaking point after waking up to the shock of her stall which was her family's source of income all burnt down.


Regina cries for help as she struggles to fend for herself and her young boy and to add salt to the injury, she had taken a soft loan of 50k to boost her Mitumba business from her area loan shark. A loan that has seen her pay Ksh 5,500 profit per month, then came the mysterious fire which has frustrated the young lady who is due with her may and June rent.

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Regina Njeri is among the many traders who are facing depressing moments in their life without knowing what next in life. It is devastating enough for Corona virus to hit the country and lead to unemployment and little to no profits in businesses but burning innocent civilian's source of income is another thing. 

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Top Comments
GUEST_6Az3Z0eAo · 06/28/2020
I was born in Gikomba,namely Gorofani block 3,door 15,just opposite Solidarity Building in 1960.Since the Nairobi Metropolitan has demolished now our home,let them reward us with alretnative house.We have been paying rents of the said houses since they were seconded to the de fuct Nairobi City Council from 1950's.House records are available and uptodate receipts from that time.
CarolKaberia_01 · 06/27/2020
Pole sana may the Lord make a way for you. It is soo sad. But don't be hopeless, there's a living almighty.
sifiranjoroge · 06/27/2020
Pole mummy but shukuru mungu zaidi uko hai wanao kudai ni binadamu wenzako watakuelewa ,Mungu pekee mwenye suluhu la kila tatizo ambalo kwetu sisi hatuwezi
LeeCharles · 06/27/2020
God is still on the throne, Praise be to Him.

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