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What Oscar Sudi Has Said About Uhuru That Has Made Kenyans Gang Up Against the President

BonfaceMutaha 06/29/2020

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi was angered by Peter Kenneth’s statement during a recent rally in Gatanga. The former presidential candidate asked Murang’a leaders to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta and support his BBI and referendum agenda. Peter Kenneth speaking during the rally further stated that they all must support President Uhuru Kenyatta and come 2022, they should rise up and demand a seat at the high table because they are the largest tribe in Kenya.

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The vocal Tangatanga lawmaker has sharply differed with the assertions by Peter Kenneth. Oscar Sudi stated that president Uhuru Kenyatta was accorded the highest respect and honour by Kenyans when they voted him as president in the previous elections. The top DP Ruto ally wondered what else the president would demand from Kenyans.

“Yesterday, I watched Peter Kenneth lecturing leaders in Murang'a about respecting the President. What kind of respect does a president need even after wananchi voted for him? Wananchi gave Uhuru Kenyatta the honour and mandate by voting him as President, what else does he need?” questioned Oscar Sudi on Facebook.

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One of the reasons why President Uhuru Kenyatta orchestrated the ouster of MPs allied to deputy president William Ruto was that they had disrespected him. During the Jubilee party parliamentary group meetings at statehouse and KICC, president Uhuru Kenyatta is reported to have read Ruto allies the riots act and demanded that they respect him as the president. In the statehouse PG meeting, president Uhuru stated that even if they do not respect him as the president, they should at least respect his office.

Team Tangatanga on the other hand argues that differing with the president cannot be termed as disrespect. In a previous video, Oscar Sudi highlighted that their mandate as members of parliament is to oversight the executive and not to rubber stamp decisions by the president. Together with MP Kimani Ngunjiri, they argued that presient Uhuru Kenyatta do not even deserve their respect since he keeps insulting them during meetings and yet respect is supposed to be mutual.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans concerning Oscar Sudi’s post on Facebook.

Kimutai Ruto

Heshima gani inapita kuamka mara mbili 2017 kumpea kura? Kwani anataka tumbebe kwa mgongo tena.

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Mike Tess

Uhuru has never respected the people who woke up early to vote him twice. Respect is two way traffic.

Kibet Kiptoo

To respect the president want is to endorse anything and everything he says without questions I guess, but this is Kenya not his home and family.

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Charles Gichuna

I fail to understand what respect Uhuru need from kikuyus yet we voted him without Musungu telling us to vote him. We are not fools we know we voted to safeguard others properties. We need coffee, milk, tea to be paid well not telling us to respect anyone.

Osoro Lucas

He doesn't even respect judiciary. He is commanding respect from us. That is the president for you.

Philemon Korir

The president should not be made to look like a cry-baby. He knows that we can never respect him better than voting him. That means we have entrusted him with a responsibility because we trust him.

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Belishjem Kobilo Kems

Yes the president should respect us; we woke up thrice to vote him. Na sio tafadhali.

Alex Kory

Do we donate our wives to this Golden president of Kenya? What is this respect they're preaching every day!

Pchumba Edwin

Loyalty and respect to a sitting president does not mean you will win votes. Peter should learn how to sell his ideology. Facing off Ruto isn't a problem.

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Simon Kipchiris

Uhuru himself doesn't respect others how will he be respected in return? If we voted for him to send Raila home and he brought him back. Is that respect?

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Top Comments
PeterMwaura_19 · 06/29/2020
An idiot like this oscar shud accept ruto cannont be president of this nation unless uhuru amusupport
+254-072166**** · 06/29/2020
Respect is a two way traffic. I voted for Uhuru three times but I've come to dislike him with passion for his bad behavior.
DfreKimZacks · 06/30/2020
When kenyans had an opportunity to change leadership from Central,the same Oscar campaigned for Uhuru.So Oscar shut up. 2022 we shall support Uhuru ndio mkule kiburi yenu
+254-079557**** · 06/29/2020
amefanya mini hata aheshimiwe, respect is earned not demanded.

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