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Ann Waiguru's Special Message To His Dear Husband

Annamogi 06/29/2020

Kirinyaga County Assembly on 16th June impeached Governor Waiguru due to corruption, gross misconduct allegations. Governor Ann went to court to seek her justice as she claimed that the County MCAs didn't follow the right procedures and she was not given time to defend herself against the allegations laid against her. The court ruled in favour of the County MCAs hence rendering Waiguru helpless.

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Governor Ann Waiguru

Kirinyaga County Assembly forwarded the matter to the Senate House as the law says. After heated debate,the Senate agreed to form a committee to hear and determine Waiguru's impeachment case. When the hearing started, all the parties in the case was given time to present their views. Governor Ann Waiguru was represented by lawyer Kamotho who happens to be her husband. Finally when the Senate Committee compiled the report, Governor Waiguru was free from corruption allegations that were laid against her. This means her impeachment is now nonexisting.

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Ann Waiguru and her husband

In her celebration, Ann Waiguru praised her husband whom she said was the key in her freedom from impeachment "Special thanks to my husband who has been amazingly supportive throughout this process," Ann said. "You are definitely one from heaven," Waiguru added. According to Ann Waiguru, her husband is one who saved her from the impeachment threats that she was facing.

Was the MCAs' naive against the experienced Senators and lawyers played the role in Waiguru's scot-free? What is your take?

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