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Diamond's Platinumz's 4th baby Mama (PHOTOS)

Johndean001 06/25/2020

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According to rumours that are spreading, Tanzanian Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz has a fourth baby mama who gave birth to his child some few months ago.

Husna Maulid is officially Diamond's 4th baby mama. The beautiful young lady is so talented as she is a model, an actress and a video vixen in Tanzania. She also seems to be a traveller because her Instagram page is full of travelling photos.

The Tanzanian video vixen is officialy the current lady Diamond is hanging out with after she broke up with Tanasha Donna early this year.

None of them has responded to the rumours. Although photos of Maulid's daughter who totally resembles Diamond's daughter Princess Tiffah caused confusion on social media.

The Video vixen who is officially a mother of one wished Dangote a happy father's day which left netizens noticing that he was indeed the father of her daughter on father's day.

Diamond's sister, Esma, who was earlier said to be interfering with Platinumz's marriages, follows Husna on Instagram. The two seemed to be very great friends as they even commented on each other's posts on Instagram. This proved to netizens that there was something in between Maulid and Diamond as she had even started associating with one of Diamond's family member.

Below are some beautiful photos of the adorable Tanzanian Video vixen.

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SirdeeqAsman · 06/26/2020
she thin
RahmaKeiKithinji · 06/26/2020
Na hivyo ndivyo Tanasha alichezwa.Mond mwenyewe
ZipporahMutunga · 06/26/2020
4 only .....more to show
+254-72163**** · 06/26/2020
hatoshe Zari mama yao

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