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Governers to Determine The Fate of Reopening Economy in Kenya

Nyongesaherbert 06/25/2020

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Corona virus,a virus that was first reported December last year in China.The virus has today spread almost to all countries.Many people have succumbed to disease globally.

The virus has most affected America and European countries.The infections in Africa continent has been moderate. The continent has recorded least number of deaths so far compared to countries like United state of America,Italy and Brazil.

To combat the spread of the disease,international flights was suspended except for essential services and goods.

In Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the closure of learning institution, introduced cessation of movement out of Nairobi county and coastal counties.President imposed lockdown in Eastleigh and Mombasa old town to combat corona virus and banning of public gatherings.

The virus has adversely affected Kenya economy. Those who dependent on daily wages for survival being the most affected. Many Kenyans have lost jobs especially those working in tourism sectors,air transport and hotels.

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Life have been tough to majority of Kenyans,many are looking forward forward to the return of normalcy.

Today during the meeting with governors, President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that reopening of the economy entirely depends on the preparedness of county government to handle corona virus.President notified governors that the economy will reopen once each county has at least 300 beds for corona virus patients.

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