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Lawyers Shock Kenyans, Defend MP Waluke Saying he Will Die of Corona in Prison

CommentatorNews 06/25/2020

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On Thursday, Sirisia MP John Waluke appeared at the Milimani law court to face his sentencing after being found guilty of corruption.

Waluke together with Grace Wakhungu were the Directors of Erad supplies and General Contractors Company when they defrauded the National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB) a whooping Ksh 297 million back in 2004.

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While appearing for his sentence today, Kenyans were given a shocker after Waluke's defence team lead by Cliff Ombeta gave some interesting reasons to have the law show some mercy on the legislator.

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether Waluke deserves a second chance after some argued that he has ever since become a 'good person' and should be forgiven for his sins.

Waluke will most probably lose his seat if he is given a prison sentence of longer than 6 months and according to lawyer Danstan Omari, he is among the vulnerable group of people who are in danger of dying after contracting Covid-19.

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"John Waluke is among the vulnerable group of people likely to be affected by COVID19. If he goes to prison, the risk becomes twice, he is already exposed to a serious risk by his age. He should not be condemned to a sure death out of Corona," said Obari.

However this did not settle down well with Kenyans who stormed the Internet to give the lawyers a tough telling,

Cindy: Ooooh this lawyer is talking total rubbish. Justice knows no age. There are older people too in prison and they don't have Covid19. Corruption will never end if the court will listen to those lame excuses.

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Basho: A Nyeri woman was jailed for 30 years for being found in possession of bhang worth 2000bob and in the same breath John Waluke shouldn't be jailed because he is old and susceptible to Covid-19 having been found guilty of stealing 300M plus! Sad sad 

Queen Achieng: John Waluke is a thieve and he should go to jail.Also he should tell us about his military life, when did he pass out from the military training school or he was a Landscorporal Waluke John not Maj.Waluke John.Even showing us a picture in military attire is enough

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Timo: A father who steals food worth Ksh 40 for his family should be sympathized with. A husband who sneaks his wife from hospital evading a medical fee he clearly can't afford should be sympathized with. A greedy man who steals 300M deserves no sympathy, hang him.

Frank Mtetezi: If he was worried about family and really cared about them he couldn't have involved himself in corruption , No sympathy for the corrupt , Just jail them !!

Ken Kasoa: Everybody who is jailed has a family to protect, children to educate and grandchildren to care for. If they lack all this, they opt to have sometime. So let justice prevail. No buying of justice

Alex Katiwa: I've tried to reason with my ears closed what John Waluke has done for the society as alleged by his lawyer @OmbetaC but in vain.The dude is a thug and a looter. Giving him a lenient sentencing is absolutely entertaining corruption.

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Top Comments
JosephOwiti_01 · 06/25/2020
corruption will never end in Kenya because of our lawyers and judges
GUEST_Z0JdLj1ra · 06/25/2020
Lawyers are the ones ruining fight against corruption in Kenya
+254-72012**** · 06/25/2020
do you remember how your client wanted to auction silos for storing food for this country.
[email protected] · 06/25/2020
how long could this case go from 2004 to now maybe it's tanga tanga and kieleweke factions doing it's things

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