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Why I Took a Break From The Prophetic

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Why I Took A Break From The Prophetic

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I spent the earlier years of my ministry in the prophetic - casting out demons, giving accurate word of knowledge and conducting healing services.

I must tell you that there's nothing wrong with such spiritual exercises - they are the power dimension of our spirituality. I still believe in the miraculous and live a life of miracles myself. But I will tell you why I stopped giving random prophecies...

I discovered that almost everybody who came close to me expected to hear something prophetic from me... They wanted to hear who is bewitching them... They expected to hear who their spouse is cheating with... I was also going through pressure to prophesy always even when the spirit was saying nothing... The pressure to prophesy grew and I knew that such pressures were responsible for the occultic manipulations on the pulpit... It was the pressure from the people of Israel that forced Aaron into idolatry...Every minister must watch against such pressures... So I took a break and started teaching people how to focus on Jesus who is able to protect them from witchcraft. In those days, those around were 100% dependent on me....they wouldn't take any step without securing my permission... But when I began teaching the believers' position in Christ, I realized that I became 'irrelevant' in the lives of those who once leaned on me.... Now, that's success in ministry.... Take Charles Awuzie away from the earth realm today and everyone in my life will still stand for Jesus.... Publish any form of scandal and those in my life won't blink an eye because I am not the fulcrum of their spiritual life. They have found the Truth and they are focusing on Jesus. I thank God I took a break from the prophetic style of ministry and became a teacher of sound and practical doctrine.

If you are a minister of the gospel and you are spending your life prophesying from city to city, you are building castles in the air. Enjoy the attention while it lasts but know that you won't leave behind any spiritual legacy when your light dims. I know from experience.

Take time to TEACH.... Take a break from jumping up and down on pulpits and pushing people down to prove a higher anointing . I've done that and its fruits are ego, pride and instant validation - nothing eternal. Believe me.

While I encourage you to give more time to teaching sound doctrine, I also advise you to avoid pressures from those who call you their prophet. Teach them how to be their own prophet so you can enjoy your Rest in Christ.

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