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Measures to Take and Prevent Unnecessary Pregnancy During This Pandemic

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. During this period of pandemic many people stays at home without work therefore what comes on mind is just reproduction, without knowing the number of children you want. Some just give birth ending up abandoning the child.

The corona virushas made people to stay indoors for long therefore expecting more production and reproduction. Birth rate shall shoot due to prolonging indoors. Here is the method how you can control the pregnancy incase your not ready for it.

1-Malecondoms- this is the best way wife and husband can take to avoid unexpected pregnancy, but this should come out of agreement from the number of children wanted in the family. To avoid unnecessary pregnancy let usage of such plastic gears.

2-Hormonalmethod-this do apply in the female side, this is the process by which woman stops ovulation, she can use contravesals to block the ovulation process. Its 99% effective in reducing early pregnancy More especially to learning students.

3-Injectionmethod-Even though this is effective to control pregnancy it can also affect the uterus during the time of birth, the womb might fail to hold the pregnancy,, the woman do takes injection for every 12 weeks to maintain the system. And it takes long time for a WO.and it takes long for woman to regain her fertility.

4-Vaginalring-Thisba ring that control birth process its also called nuvaring and it's 99%effective. It must be removed for 7 days to allow for a menestrial period to take place, before inserting another new ring.

5-Family planning-this has applied to many people becauseit has no side effect in doing family planning. This is just abstaining from bedding during those days when woman is experiencing menestrial period. This is 99 percent sure of controlling early and unexpected pregnancy..

6Sterllizationprocess-this is automatically killing the chances of getting birth again this is a process through which fertilization is removed from a man and he easily get vasectony which involves shipping the tubes when carrying sperms. In woman it is removal of fertilization which involves tubal ligation for clapping and sealing of fallopian tube.stgesss

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