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What Raila's Treatment in Dubai Means for Kenya

KevinAmenya254 06/25/2020

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was flown to Dubai for treatment. The fact that former Prime Minister the Right Hon Raila Odinga was flown to Dubai for an urgent 'minor surgery' in a Germany Hospital during this global Covid-19 pandemic, speaks volumes about our failed health care system due to rampant corruption. African leaders are said to never fall sick. They have an immunity akin that of a tortoise. and when they travel to recharge their batteries, they make it a top secret,forgetting that we pay for their travel expense. the health information of public figures is our concern. we need to keep you in prayers.

Railas health will be a thing to worry as it may affect his 2022 presidency bid, just in case his health worsen.

Odinga family confirmed that raila odinga is in dubai for back surgery, tangatanga rely on facts and not fictions like Phillip Etale. It was wrong to lie that odinga was in DRC for a virtue meeting.

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And it clearly proves that we've had poor leadership for far too long.Worth noting is that when Raila was the Prime Minister, one of his dockets was Health which was interestingly headed by the current Kisumu County Governor, Prof Anyang Nyong'o.

Ironically, much later, when the good old Professor was diagnosed with cancer, he was forced to seek treatment from United Kingdom despite having headed the Health Ministry for years.

Those are classical cases of our radar less leaders who, when given opportunities to serve Wanjiku, do absolutely nothing and shamelessly continue asking for more opportunities even in old age.

Our healthy system should be improved and equipment with staff and facilities.

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