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What Happens if Waiguru survives the impeachment Motion?

davidnjeru579 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Many Kenyans what have wondered what is the next move if Waiguru is not found guilty of the offences she is accused of by the Members of county assembly of Kirinyaga. Her hearings are currently ongoing in the senate. The decision about whether she is guilty will be determined today.

Now, if Anne Waiguru will be found guilty of the offences, her fate as the county Boss of Kirinyaga county will be decided by the senators in the senate through the casting of votes. Here, if the number of senators supporting Waiguru's Impeachment cast more votes than those rejecting the motion, she will be officially and constitutionally kicked out of the governorship seat and the Deputy Governor will be sworn in within the next 21 days.

Now, what if she survives the impeachment? The speaker of the senate Hon Lusaka will write a letter to the county assembly of Kirinyaga explaining why the impeachment motion was not successful. In the letter, a chance will be given to the MCAs to return the Motion again after a period of time.

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+254-72281**** · 06/25/2020
From the way she raises her thumbs she already knows the verdict,coz she bought it in advance, corruption after corruption after corruption

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