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Netizens Message To Martha Karua After Hailing Kirinyaga People

KiprutoCollins 06/28/2020

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Martha Karua. [Image/Courtesy]

Kirinyaga County has been the center of the political spotlight after Governor Waiguru's impeachment and proceedings in the Senate.

After Waiguru was cleared of all the graft cases and office misconduct, many political leaders said that she was only let go because of her ties with the higher power while others insisted that she was innocent.

However, Martha Karua believed that the County Assembly of Kirinyaga set the bar in showing that whenever there are any graft cases they should come together to fight it even if they are not going to win.

''Congrats Kirinyaga county Assembly, you raised the bar of accountability high by doing what the constitution and the laws mandate you to do. Keep your eyes on the ball and safe guard the interests of the people of Kirinyaga county.'' Martha Karua posted on her official Twitter account.

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This attracted a lot of mixed reactions from Netizens as some sided with her while some reminded her of her previous failures.

Here are some of the comments shared.

Joseph Manoti, ''Did you congratulate the people of Kirinyaga for rejecting you who is cleaner to go for the corrupt? Let them continue with the journey they started.''

Crispus Wachira, ''The people of Kirinyaga had a better candidate in you; they chose this path of destruction and gnashing of teeth.''

Manuel, ''The future already judged the people of Kirinyaga for despising Raila's word that Waiguru was a thief.''

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Waiguru's Proceedings. [Image/Courtesy]

Thiringinyi, ''And did you safeguard the interest of the people when you swore in a stranger at night as president in 2007 that led Kenya into the worst PEV never seen before?. It becomes sad when we deliberately forget so quickly that we are worse than Waiguru.''

Uncle P, ''MK, Kirinyaga assembly did nothing in their impeachment of Waiguru. Their intentions were right but they all, you included got carried away with the herd mentality of circling the kill. Impeachment Grounds Dear? Martha you're a lawyer.''

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Robert Ogilo, ''You were an advocate of the high court, the last time I checked but you failed to advise these people you now pretend to hail. Who prosecutes Martha's atrocities on Kibaki and succeeds? They should do a better job next time and it should come from them not Ruto.''

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