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Boniface Mwangi Accuses Adan Keynan of Tarnishing his Name

Evans254 06/25/2020

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Boniface Mwangi, a well known blogger and a politician in Kenya, has accused Eldas MP Aden Keynan for trying to tarnish his good reputations.

Mwangi wrote on his Twitter that Hon Aden Keynan haf paid some unknown people to tarnish his good name under the #BonifaceAndCoExposed on Twitter.

"Hey @HonAdanKeynan l came from theatre where my son was undergoing minor surgery to see you paid people to trend #BonifaceAndCoExposed. stop wasting your money! To those who believe change is possible,keep on speaking truth to power,don’t be afraid of criminal politicians!" Mwangi wrote on his Twitter.


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This came after the blogger on June 22, had also accused the newly appointed Secretary for Jubilee Coalition that he was charged with murder earlier. And he was not fit for the position be he can bribe, blackmail and even murder.

"President Uhuru Kenyatta selection of Kimunya and Adan Keynan is very telling. Adan has faced murder charges and Kimunya was charged with corruption. Those two will play dirty politics as they spearhead change the constitution movement. Expect bribery, blackmail and even murder," Mwangi had tweeted.


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He went on and told those who were paid to tint his to do it correctly because he he has nothing hide and his public image speaks for it's self.

"I have met Chief Justice @dkmaraga, Noordin Haji and George Kinoti. My life is in a open book, I am ready and open to be investigated. Trolls and crooked politicians will trend hashtags but the truth can never be buried. I am not afraid! THE REVOLUTION IS COMING! #TeamCOURAGE" he added.


He also gave them the true meaning of what he stands for as depicted by his name.

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