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President Magufuli's Actions that Wow Africans

Jubalander 06/25/2020

Comparison of anything and everything is inevitable in human population and for sure it's ultimately a good idea as through these comparisons we have a chance to benchmark and improve ourselves in the future of our human existence.

Tanzania is a regional sibling of the East African community member states that has been on praise for the last five years of President Magufuli's leadership in his first term in office.

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The East African country has gained support from across the continent especially from scholars and citizens of the continent for the commendable work in progress both soft infrastructure and physical infrastructure. African scholars like Dr Arikana and Prof Lumumba have been on the frontline for praising the success made by President Magufuli.

The president has gone head on to face and weed out Africa's biggest enemy in Corruption that countries like Kenya are still swimming in with minimal hope of combating the economic pandemic. Not once in his leadership has he sacked ministers and government officials believed to have been orchestrating the vice.

The kenyan tale of corruption is annoying to both investors and citizens alike as billions of shillings keep disappearing into individual accounts. What makes Kenyans sick is the story of investigations that never reach prosecution levels especially when multi billion scandals are unearthed.

Physical infrastructure has been priority to president Magufuli and has seen tremendous progress in the past five years with new stadia and other infrastructure greatly developed with caution and effectiveness.

Kenyan government has also initiated almost the same infrastructural development projects. However, it is annoying to realize that most of these projects are only on paper yet the money meant to be spend has been allocated and swindled to individual bank accounts. Tanzania has a new stadium and the biggest one in Africa is under construction in Dodoma.

Tanzanians are composing songs of praise for their leader for doing an amazing job in the country. Baba Lao, a swahili hit song showers all the praises to their leader's tremendous success in his first term in office.

Kenya's version on the same is disturbing as Kenyan musicians are also composing songs. But sadly, they are ridiculing their government for perpetuating impunity. Wajinga nyinyi and migunda ino are new songs directly addressing the government of Kenya for failing Kenyans for many years.

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MosesMakalanga · 06/26/2020
wow...by the grace of God

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