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How to Make over 350k from Poultry Business within a Period of 8 Months

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Starting a lucrative business is a great deal of shaping your future, people fail in business because they don't plan out well.

Well, today I want to show you how you can make over Ksh.350,000 in a span of 8 months. Isn't this a good amount of money within a very short time? Well let's begin.

You need to have 10 kienyeji hens and two roosters of course, rear these hens until they begin to lay eggs, when they are ready to sleep on their eggs, take away all their eggs and buy them improved kienyeji eggs at a local retail shop in your area.

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One Improved kienyeji egg goes at ksh. 15, all your 10 hens needs 18 eggs each, now the total cost will be Ksh 2,700, let those hens sleep on those eggs until they hatch. Well, suppose all these eggs hatch you have 180 chicks, sounds good, right?

Now take away all those chicks from their mothers and brood them for a period of one month. Averagely, one hen feeds on 70 grams of 'feed mash' .Now 180 multiplied by 70 then divide by 1000, this will translate to 12.6 Kilograms of 'feed mash' in a day and of course when those chicks are still young they can consume as low as 35 grams of 'feed mash'

1kg of either chick mash, growers mash or layers mash goes at ksh 42 on average, therefore 12.6 Kilograms multiplied by 42 will translate to Ksh 529.2 a day. So your chicks will be consuming feeds worth Ksh. 529.2 in a day.

In a period of four months, they will consume feeds worth Ksh. 63,504. After four month you can sell all the roosters and remain with the layers, assuming the mortality rate was low and 20 chicks dies, you will be left with 160 chicks, out of these 160 chicks 60 maybe roosters, now one rooster at four months we go at Ksh. 500, therefore 500 multiplied by 60 roosters will translate to Ksh. 30,000, you would have already begun to make returns.

Now you will be left with 100 layers in the next one month they will consume feeds worth Ksh 8,820. Thereafter they will start laying eggs, out of 100 layers, an average of 80 layers will be laying eggs when fed well, therefore in 8 months you will collect (80 multiplied by 30 multiplied by 8) eggs, this will translate to 19, 200 eggs.

One egg costs at ksh. 15 your 19,200 eggs will earn you a whooping Ksh. 288,000. After 8 months you can sell all your layers, one will go at ksh. 650, after selling all of them you will earn Ksh65,000.

Now let's add up the income we less the expenses to see the amount of profit made, all income will be ksh. 288,000 plus Ksh. 65,000. This will translate to Ksh. 353,000.

How about the expense, it's 63,504 plus 8,000 plus 5,000( medicine cost) which translates to Ksh. 77,324 plus another 70,000 (feeding cost for the laying period) plus 2700( cost for eggs to hatch) this will total to Ksh. 149,700.

Now here is your profit, total income which is ksh.353,000 less expenses which is Ksh.149,700, this will give you Ksh. 202,976 as a profit,

All you need is capital approximated to be ksh. 100,000. ain't this great? You can try it out.

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LarryKayKips · 06/26/2020
thanks so much i have learned alot
GUEST_1M6eOYe93 · 06/29/2020
tank's so much ,beth is not easy
EricKalonzo · 06/28/2020
an egg is sold at 10ksh, in retail that means the farmer sells at 8ksh or7ks , advise me were to sell at 15
GUEST_1749geBj1 · 07/6/2020
point taken

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