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Kenyans Demand For The Release Of Jaguar After His Arrest

Kagenimarion 06/29/2020

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Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has been one vocal man ever since the unfortunately incident of the Gikomba fire that took place on Thursday, last week. On Monday, the member of parliament has made headlines after his arrest for allegedly inciting traders to forcefully occupy stalls at Mwariro market in Nairobi. Jaguar claims that the charges against him remain unclear but seems to connect his arrest with the events that took place at the market.

Jaguar was earlier inspecting Mogira road in Ngara ward, a project he said would help easened business for eateries, depots and guest houses. Jaguar landed in hot soup during his visit to Mwariro Market for allegedly inciting traders to forcibly occupy stalls. 

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Kenyans however took to the streets and social media platforms such as tweeter to demand for his release with some connecting his arrest to his earlier statements in which he had questioned the government of being involved in the Gikomba fire, in a post where the member of parliament claimed that NYS recruits were demolishing stalls reconstructed by Gikomba traders after the fire incident on Thursday. Jaguar went ahead to question the government on it's involvement claiming that GSU officers were protecting the NYS recruits who were demolishing the stalls.


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Kenyans have expressed their anger and disappointments in his arrest claiming that what the starehe MP was only trying to do is fight for the rights of the civilians therefore demanding for his release. Jaguar later on updated his whereabouts on his tweeter account to his supporters, "I'm currently at Nairobi Area. The charges against me are unclear though they seem connected to Mwariro Market. I'll keep fighting for my constituents. Being a leader is tough but my resolve remains unshaken. Allocations at Mwariro Market have to be fair."


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Top Comments
OmarGodana · 06/29/2020
jaguar stay put we elected you dont accept intimidation by barons who have history of grabbing council land and property after acessing townhall.

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