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Reasons Why Liverpool Have Manchester United to Thank For Winning The Premier League

CuriousObserver 06/26/2020

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After the capitulation of Manchester City against Chelsea, Liverpool were effectively crowned the new Premier League Champions for the first time in 30 years. This was a sight mostly dreaded by Manchester United fans who had spent years mocking Liverpool for their inability to win the league. They have always come so close to it but eventually fell at the last huddle but this was their season and not even the 3 months hiatus could derail the Red machine from winning the league. Although many United fans are upset with that victory, their owners are almost entirely responsible for Liverpool finally winning the league. Here are the reasons:

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Manchester United allowed Liverpool the chance to sign Sadio Mane who went on to play an important role in Liverpool winning the league. When Louis Van Gaal was the manager at Manchester United he was highly interested in Sadio Mane, then at Southampton. The player was also convinced that a move to United was on the card. However, for whatever reason they pulled the plug on the move. Liverpool pounced and as they say the rest is history.

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Manchester United let Jurgen Kloop join Liverpool. When Sir Alex Ferguson was about to retire, Jurgen Kloop name was mooted as a potential successor to the legendary manager. However, United decided against the move and instead settled on David Moyes instead of going all out for Kloop who was an enigma in the Bundesliga. He is responsible for galvanizing this Liverpool side and making them worthy champions.

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Manchester United are Liverpool's greatest nemesis when it comes to trophies. However, United have been responsible for handing Liverpool their Premier League trophy this season due to some of the decisions they made in the past which came back to haunt them. What are your thoughts? Share your opinion with me. Thank you.

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Top Comments
SelloMokoka · 06/26/2020
Stupid managers like David Moyes are only good for small teams like Everton and not big teams like Man U. Sure Alex Ferguson is also to be blamed for anointing Moyes the Flop, who come and destroy Man U.

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