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The Global Covid-19 Deaths Almost Hitting The Half a Million Mark

EmmaBeverly 06/29/2020

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Since the onset of Covid-19. we have recorded 499,913 deaths due to the virus for both males and females as per the most recent update by the World Health Organization.

The disease started in Wuhan China in 2019 and spread to the whole globe. The total number of reported cases as at today is 10,021,401.

Calculating the reported deaths and cases, the death rate of the pandemic is estimated to be more than 5%

United States of America has so far recorded the highest number of deaths with more than 128k deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The number of fatalities keep rising everyday despite many countries relaxing the safety measures put in place.

However, the death rate is hard to calculate because there is long period between the onset and fatalities of the disease as the experts say.

The number of cases keep rising everyday therefore comparison with the previous weeks will yield a much higher ratio than expected.

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Another bias to this estimation is that we do not report all cases because not everyone gets to undergo the testing and also some of the cases are asymptomatic. Many have compared the pandemic we currently have like calculating the size of an iceberg from its tip.

Many countries have opened up to bring back their economy but as experts indicate the disease is now at its peak.

Most countries went into lock-down or restriction of movements, closed schools, banned travelling and even social gatherings.

These were measures to reduce Covid-19 infection but the cases kept rising and even new countries reported new cases.

Countries are now easing the measures with many allowing domestic travels, opening of hotels and restaurants, lifting lock-downs, opening of schools and even masks not being compulsory during movement.

The United States of America has made mask-wearing optional, "There was a time when people thought it was worse wearing a mask. I let people make their own decision … if people want to wear masks I think that’s great. I won’t be. Not as a protest but I don’t feel that I’m in danger.”, said President Donald Trump.

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