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New Rules on Opera News Hub Opens Door For Content Creators to Make Big Money

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Since it's inception in Kenya early this year, Opera News Hub has provided content creators with a platform whose reach is currently beyond any other in Africa. With a daily browser interaction of over 360,000 and counting the Opera News Hub stands head and shoulders above any other news platform in the region.

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Opera News Hub mascot

With its distinct logo drawn from the Opera News App, the Hub is synonymous with qualitative, easily accessible news.

Opera News Hub has announced new rules effective 1st June, to its content creators.

Current restructuring has also shifted the focus from publishing short, sensational and racy content to strictly well-reserched, medium-length articles.

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Authors portal on Opera News Hub

The rigorous new rules have put a check to the influx of persons who write as a hobby. These leaves professionals who are used to the tedium of deadlines and self-censorship.

The focus has shifted from the easy to manipulate click system to payment based on Quality and Originality.

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The new Rules will also guard against racy information and maliciously wrote vulgar content which has previously caused great damage to the platform's ecology and hurt user experience.

It's a win-win situation as the reader stands contented with more credible, well-researched articles, the advertising fraternity finds more engagement time per article and the content creator walks off smiling all the way to the bank.

Source: opera.com
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