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Opinion: Uhuru Could Leave a Shameful Legacy of Tyranny and Disrespect for the Rule Of Law

Tororey 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. President Uhuru Kenyatta who is now serving his second and last term in office could leave a tainted legacy, if he throws caution to the wind while handling his leadership affairs.

This is because his recent moves and behaviour have left a lot to be desired, especially the management of political issues and matters related to justice.

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In a number of occasions, Uhuru has promised to leave a legacy worthy of appreciation and remembrance. He has vowed to leave a peaceful and united country, and leadership structure that is inclusive.

The handshake between him and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader in 2018 and the subsequent conceptualization of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) are key strategies to achieve his unity and inclusivity leadership agenda.

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The handshake and BBI have drawn appreciation and criticisms in equal measure. The political class who are disaffected accuse the two leaders of reserving the issue to themselves and failing to expeditiously involve others.

The irony of the BBI is that more divisions have continued to emerge. Also, other bridges have been burned as a result of the same concept.

Uhuru has ignored divisions brought about by their initiative. It is not that people are opposed to the initiative by they want leaders to walk the talk and foster real unity and not using it to score political points.

The recent fumigations in Jubilee over dissenting voices in Parliament show that Uhuru was hellbent on forcing his agenda to succeed, without caring about the resultant repercussions of the move.

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Nowadays, the decisions have been left to the discretion of the party leader and few of his closest associates. Other members have totally sidelined. Their opinions have been considered frivolous.

The president has disregard a number of court orders. The unpleasant verbal exchange between him and Chief Justice David Maraga over appointment of Judges and the issuance of executive order have proven that the Judiciary has had enough of his lawlessness.

If Uhuru does not change his tactics by promoting democracy, especially in his party and government, and also respecting the rule of law, he will exit office as the most dictatorial and a lawbreaking leader Kenya would ever have.

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