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Heavy Sentence That Court Gave To Sirisia MP Waluke

BrianSikulu 06/25/2020

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John Waluke. [Photo | Courtesy]

Justice Elizabeth Juma on Thursday, June 25, delivered the sentence for Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke and his co-accused who is the mother of former Environment CS Judy Wakhungu after they were found guilty of in a Sh297 million corruption case.

The two are alleged to have embezzled the money from National Cereals and Produce Board.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta who was representing the accused had pleaded with the judge to have leniency in her ruling citing that the two could change their ways.

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John Waluke. [Photo | Courtesy]

 Justice Juma, however, sentenced to pay a fine of Sh594 million failure to which he will serve 7 years imprisonment.

"Under section 48 (2b), the NCPB lost a quantifiable amount and each of the two accused persons under the law which provides that fine imposts to be equal to two times the amount lost, in this case, the NCPB lost Sh. 297 million...So the first accused is fined Sh. 594 million default to serve 7 years imprisonment. Second, accused similar amount default to serve 7 years," Justice Juma ruled.

The case against Waluke had sparked a lot of heat online with the majority of Kenyan social media users citing that the MP should be used as an example to other perpetrators of corruption after being found guilty.

The ruing was received warmly by Kenyans online.

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"To those plundering public money with impunity, remember that, "Just because you're not seeing islands, don't conclude, there are no islands" John Waluke fined approx. 800m or serve a prison term of over 10 years, for an offense committed over 15 years ago," Kigame stated.

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"Once they are done with #WalukeSentencing they should address the nation and tell us why the fuck we have over 10 million Kenyans as experts in filing tax returns," Musyoka David commented.

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"Sirisia MP John Waluke should be imprisoned if found guilty just the way NYS, Kimwarer/ Arror dam and other corruption scandals were sentenced and imprisoned. #WalukeSentencing 

We shall not forget what happened in Nyeri¡¡," Adoka stated.

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